I am generally open to be contacted about new opportunities.

June 2023 — Now
Principal Engineer - Backend at 7Mind in Berlin (Remote)
elixir nodejs kubernetes terraform gke ddd

I’m learning to balance my new responsibilities and the backend work in my teams domains. I have moved away from delivering features as my main focus. Instead, I’m taking a direct role in company wide architecture work and planning.

In addition, I now own my teams processes with the goal of making us a true cross-functional team. To do this, I’m adopting “Shape Up” by Basecamp, which I already enjoyed at a previous job.

April 2022 — June 2023
Senior Full-Stack Developer at 7Mind in Berlin (Remote)
elixir nodejs kubernetes terraform gke ddd

My work was twofold. Primarily, I owned the backend side of my cross-functional teams domains. This meant planning, implementing and observing modules to build new value propositions for our customers.

Secondary was the work to simplify the existing system, made up of a Ruby monolith and micro-services with lots of tech debt. We where archiving this by integrating commodity software, rewriting legacy systems to better fit their domain and thoroughly documenting the rest. All under the banner of “Delightfully Boring”.

April 2020 — April 2022
Full-Stack Developer at BetterDoc in Cologne
elixir ruby kubernetes terraform aws microservices

I helped built a platform to enable medical professionals to find the best doctors for our customers.

Led small teams in design and implementation of services using micro-frontends following the Shape-Up methodology. Took quick ownership of cloud architecture and Kubernetes cluster. Extended tooling and CI/CD pipelines.

March 2018 — March 2020
Full-Stack Web Developer at ImagineOn in Cologne
nodejs typescript aws terraform vuejs

My responsibilities changed as the company shifted to more IoT related projects.

I transitioned into the leading role in Web Development, building scalable real-time servers for managing IoT devices deployed in the field.

March 2015 — March 2018
Software Developer at ImagineOn in Cologne
android java php laravel html css docker

I worked primarily as an Android Developer on customer projects. Managed my own projects and created requirements together with customers, then implemented them.

When required, I did additional Web Development, both front- and back-end. The rest of the time I worked on tooling, libraries and infrastructure.

July 2013 — September 2013
Mobile Application Developer (Summer Job) at ImagineOn in Cologne
android java php rest

My first project was the backend and mobile client-application for a document exchange software.

For the second project I joined a small team of Android developers to create a shopping application for a big Sportswear reseller.

August 2012 — September 2012
Backend Developer (Internship) at ImagineOn in Cologne
php mysql rest

I joined a project working on the backend application for a local newspapers mobile app. Here, I extended the API with new features and made security improvements to the system.

2012 — 2015 Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
from Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld

A lot of overlap with previous education. Enjoyed low-level programming, theoretical comp-sci, IT security and realtime systems.

September 2011 — November 2011
Web Developer (Internship) at CTS-Media in Cologne
html css crm php javascript jquery

I completed multiple websites projects for small to large businesses. This meant building the frontend based on supplied designs and implementing custom behavior via plugins for Contao CMS.

2009 — 2012 Infrormationstechnischer Assistenet (ITA)
from bm - Bildung in Medienberufen in Cologne

Learned the basics in programming, databases, networking, operating-systems, electronics and design. Finished top of my class.

October 2007 — November 2017
Web Designer (Internship) at V V Service in Euskirchen
html css adobe-flash asp.net

I created Flash animations and interactive page elements for customer websites. I did additional research work for a searchable directory of local businesses websites.

After the internship, I actually first started coding on my own.

2003 — 2009 General Certificate of Secondary Education
from Realschule (Middle School) in Mechernich